The Pursuit of Peace, The Martial Arts Tradition Continues

About the Bubishi Goju-ryu Karate-do DVD

This DVD is produced by Kenshu Hideo Watanabe, 9th dan Hanshi. It is the first of its kind in our Bubishi Goju-ryu Karate-do history. If you watch this DVD, you will understand what the Bubishi Goju-ryu karate-do is like, and how it is uniquely & slightly different to any other Goju-ryu karate around the world. After watching this DVD, you will see that your karate can improve even after 42 years of age and above. Unlike any other sports, our Budo (Martial path) karate-do will continue to grow better even when you get older. This DVD video is proof of that.

It took 20 years of waiting and making for that vital message to be seen in this DVD video.

The contents of the DVD last 1 hour 36 minutes & it contains Kenshu's karate performances over a 20 years period, kata (forms) explanations & the traditional karate messages such as:

  1. Goju-ryu karate lineage, Bubishi tradition & meanings of the katas in Goju-ryu are explained.
  2. All of Goju-ryu karate katas including Suparinpei were performed by Kenshu at the age of 42 & at the age of 62.
  3. Jiyu-kumite (Free sparring) in which Kenshu & his students demonstrated in the years of 1987, 2003 & 2009.
  4. Karate demonstration was performed by Kenshu & his students at the Australian Karate Federation National karate Championships in Tasmania in August 2000.

A cost of the DVD to you (viewers) is $33- including GST & plus $3- postage & handling in Australia, totally $36- altogether.

Using the "PayPal" account payment is accepted for all Nations including Australia. The cost of the DVD is Aust$40- (including postage & handling) for outside Australia. The DVD will be sent by normal airmail post from Sydney, Australia.

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