The Pursuit of Peace, The Martial Arts Tradition Continues

Media / Demonstrations

Australian National Karate Championships 2000

Below are demonstrations by Hanshi Watanabe and senior students from Tasmania, Australia. Performed at the Australian National Karate Championships 2000.

  1. The following clip is a demonstration kata comprising of:
    1. Kinhin (Walking Meditation)
    2. Tensho (Goju Ryu Fundamental Kata)
    3. Seipai (Goju Ryu Advanced Kata)
  2. The following clip is a demonstration of Kakie (a sticky hand drill)
  3. The following clip is a demonstration of defence against a Mawashi geri
  4. The following clip is a demonstration of Bateiken (Horse hoof fist)

The Eight Precious Exercises (Hachidankin)

These exercises are for everyone, young or old. They are good for your body, mind and spirit.

Relax and start long breathing as much as you can. It is important to try and apply the reverse stomach breathing (stomach contracts when inhaling, and expands when exhaling) together with the movements.

You can practice the Hachidankin in the morning and evening before meals.

If you practise it twice a day, everyday, you will be able to make yourself healthy and prolong your life.

Television Interview in Davanagere

Hanshi Watanabe, at the age of 66, received the first TV interview in Davanagere, Karnataka state, India on Sunday, 12th August 2012.


Hanshi Watanabe demonstrating Superlinpei kata: